Process of home appraisals by Midtown Appraisal Group

No one loves them, but they’re not that bad

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, a home buyer with your heart set on the dream home you finally found, or a home seller hoping that the conditional offer you got will finally firm up: Sooner or later there’ll be a need for a home appraisal, and you’ll spend at least a little time worried about the process.

But you shouldn’t worry so much.

Appraisers aren’t going to judge whether your kitchen is clean and banks, generally speaking, aren’t going to quibble if an appraiser comes back with a value that’s a couple of thousand dollars less than you’d hoped.

Here’s what happens during the appraisal process, step by step.

Infographic outlining the steps involved in home appraisals, from southern Ontario AACI appraiser Kevin Slemko