Midtown Appraisal Group home appraisal checklist

Preparing for an appraisal of your home: A handy checklist

A few simple tips to help your appraisal go more smoothly "We're refinancing our mortgage and they're sending out an appraiser this week. What should we do to ensure that our appraisal goes smoothly?" As we've discussed before, professional appraisers are trained to see beyond a few dirty dishes in the sink and even that fucshia accent wall in the living room that you painted to celebrate the Barbie movie, so you don't have to 'prepare' for your appraisal by…...
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Kevin Slemko AACI of Midtown Appraisal Group

5 other reasons to get a professional real estate appraisal

(Outside of a sale or purchase) Anyone who's ever bought a piece of property - especially a residential home - involving a mortgage is probably familiar with the appraisal requirement: Very few banks or mortgage financing companies will lend money for home purchase without ensuring that a professional appraisal has been done. They need to know that their investment is reasonable and protected. However, there are several other situations in which appraisals make sense - and can spare you from…...
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