Process of home appraisals by Midtown Appraisal Group

Home appraisals step by step

No one loves them, but they're not that bad Whether you're a homeowner looking to refinance your mortgage, a home buyer with your heart set on the dream home you finally found, or a home seller hoping that the conditional offer you got will finally firm up: Sooner or later there'll be a need for a home appraisal, and you'll spend at least a little time worried about the process. But you shouldn't worry so much. Appraisers aren't going to…...
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Kevin Slemko AACI on the problem of overimprovement

“But that bathroom cost me $27,000!”

When valuations don't reflect the money the homeowner spent I hadn't been an AACI for very long when it happened: I was doing an inspection of a pretty standard, older 3-bedroom bungalow outside of Hamilton, and the homeowner insisted I see the master bathroom first. "You have to see this!" he said, leading me toward the back of the house. When I got to the bathroom door, I guess my face didn't register the amazement he expected, because he started…...
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Kevin Slemko of Hamilton's Midtown Appraisal Group on how properties are valued

Appraisal explanations: Lists are not enough

How appraisers look at the components of a property, Part 1 If you've recently bought or sold a home that involved a mortgage or loan, chances are an appraiser has been involved at some point to confirm the property's value. And if you asked your agent or mortgage broker what an appraiser looks at, they probably gave you a list of factors: Location, size, condition, comparable sales, etc. That's correct, as far as it goes. But a list like that…...
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Overview of the home appraisal process

Appraisals 101: A handy graphic

You don't have to be an expert, but you should know the basics. I know what it's like: Whether you're buying or selling your home, especially in the current overheated market, the last thing you have time (or interest) for is a deep dive into real estate appraisals. At the same time, as a vendor or purchaser of property, especially if it's your first one or it involves the fairly large sums of money typical of real estate in southern…...
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