Kevin Slemko AACI appraiser on spending too much

“But that bathroom cost me $27,000!”

When valuations don't reflect the money the homeowner spent I hadn't been an AACI for very long when it happened: I was doing an inspection of a pretty standard, older 3-bedroom bungalow outside of Hamilton, and the homeowner insisted I see the master bathroom first. "You have to see this!" he said, leading me toward the back of the house. When I got to the bathroom door, I guess my face didn't register the amazement he expected, because he started…...
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Overcoming appraisal myths by Midtown Appraisals

The big appraisal myths, debunked

This infographic (below) from The Appraisal Institute has been around for a couple of years now, but I came across it again recently and I think it's still worth a look, especially if you're new to the appraisal process. (NOTE: The infographic refers to federal legislation in the US, and some of those laws may not be applicable in Canada, or in the Canadian province in which you live. If you're in any doubt about what information applies to you,…...
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